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"Milky-Way" Magnetic Solar System

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Let Your Child Learn more about space, the planets, and Sun: Let your kids know that Earth is one of several planets in our solar system, with the sun at the center. Our solar system is located in the outward spiral of the Milky Way galaxy, one of many galaxies in the universe.

Discuss with them about eight planets in the Solar System that all orbit the sun. Tell them that each of the planets are different: some have moons, some have rings, some are made of rock, and some are made of gas.

This Set contains

  • 1 Milky way Pouch which has a Zipper at back
  • 8 Planets
  • 1 Rocket and
  • An Astronaut with A Photo Slot  

Age Recommended- 3 Years+



Parental Guidance

Elders supervision recommended for age below 3 years.

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