Learning Starts with Play

Encourage independent play with our super fun and learning Quiet Books, handcrafted wtih Love ❤️

What Are Quiet Books?

A gateway to a world of wonder and imagination for children, Quiet Books (also called Cloth Books or Activity Books) are incredibly entertaining and engaging.

Playing with them sparks joy and excitement in their hearts, while also helping them develop crucial cognitive and motor skills.

A much-needed escape from the digital world, Quiet Books bring back the beauty of tactile play.

And when it's time to hit the road, these toys become a trusted travel companion that kids cherish dearly.

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Shape Lacing, Magnetic Alphabests, Role Plays, Activity Sets & More

New Launch

Carrot Stem Counting Activity

Introducing the adorable Counting Carrot Stem, the perfect learning activity for young children to practice counting and number recognition in a fun and interactive way. Made from soft and durable felt, this activity set features a green carrot stem with ten carrots attached, each with a different number of dots and the corresponding numeral printed on top...


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Learning Decor (NEW)

Solar System, Moon Phases, Stars, Jungle Bunting & More

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