Our Journey

First of all Thank You for visiting us here! It makes me so happy to see that you consider buying toys a conscious decision rather an impulsive one.

Like you and many other parent I too was looking for ways to engage my son , Pavitr better at home and keep screen time at minimum, when I realize how little time and thought we give while buying toys for our kids.  Yes, I too am guilty of buying a lot of plastic and battery operated toys which eventually just find place in some trunk. 

Kids are the best teachers and what I learned as a parent was that, it was much more engaging for Pavitr to play with simpler things like cardboard boxes, utensils, paper planes and things like that and that kids can be engaged without any screen time. That’s when I decided to take things in my own hands (literally!) and make toys on my own. It was both a hobby and a way to keep myself busy (and also keep my sanity, being a first time parent!) 

(December, 2016)

I then educated myself about the Montessori methods and tried making a toys that not just were fun and engaging but also focused on specific age appropriate skills like improving hand-eye co-ordination, improve pincer grip, etc. When I saw the difference it made to my daily routine with Pavitr and how much fun he was genuinely having I decided to share my work with other parents through our site. 

It’s been over 5 years now that we have been making felt toys and unique quiet books! What started as a single mom’s journey is now a dream of like minded people and a strong team of women artisans.   

I dedicate this site, this business and my life to my son, whom we lost last year (2020) due to aspiration pneumonia. I will continue this work to bring thoughtful toys to more and more children. 

(Pavitr, Playing with his favorite Quiet Book)

I am also taking this opportunity of completing 5 years of work to rebrand ourselves from Chubbycheeks.store to something more appropriate and relatable to what we truly do i.e. make unique educational and THOTtful' toys. We are now TheHouseOfToys.in (T.H.O.T)

Thanks to all who have supported me in this wonderful journey (specially my loving husband without whom I would have quit a long time ago) and to parents like yourself who consider toys as an investment to a Childs early development.

Excited to serve you!